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Power Mobility Rentals From Misson Medical Supply

Individuals with disabilities, health conditions, or medical issues with trouble walking or getting around are candidates for scooter rentals and mobility solutions. Simple everyday routines can be difficult and exhausting, making leaving the home challenging. This is when wheelchairs, mobility scooters, power chairs, become a valuable tool. Scooter rentals offer  disabled and movement restricted individuals the ability to enjoy traveling and sightseeing.

We Make The Rental Process Simple

Rental may be of particular value to individuals who:

  • Only need the power chair temporarily, or for a specific purpose and for a specific amount of time

  • Want to rent the chair and try it out for a while, before they purchase it 

  • May not qualify for coverage, or would rather not use their current insurance1

  • Have their own personal reasons for renting instead of buying a power wheelchair

Our convenient location makes it simple to obtain a rental. Let us help you get the right mobility you need.

Mobility Less Pain

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