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Bariatric Electric Patient Lift up to 600lbs

  • Costcare L400XC bariatric electric patient lift is designed to accommodate users who are of greater than average weight.

    The sounding structure and powerful actuator of the lift can carry patients up to 600lbs of weight.

    This bariatric lift is built to provide durability and safety for patient transfer and comfortable operation for the caregivers.

    Padded 360° Hanger Bar
    The swivel action allows the patient to be positioned at ANY ANGLE. Six-point attachment allows multiple sling types

    Heavy Duty Actuator
    10,000N motor providing smooth and quiet operation. Effortless and precise control on the lifting height.

    Low Castor Base
    Reduced base level allows the lift to be easily manoeuvred around furniture.

    Double Roller Castor
    The double roller front castors improves the lift stability.

    Rechargeable Battery
    Direct or standalone charging options are available.

    Ergonomic Handle
    Infinite-grip push handle is ideal for any caregiver to operate without any wrist discomfort.

    Adjustable Base
    Extended shifter handle enables easy and quick opening and closing of the lift base.

    Lockable Castors
    The rear castors can be locked to keep the lift stationary when unused.

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