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Hi-Low Full Electric Bed

    • The Delta 1000 is truly universal because the bed frame can be used with Drive's and most other manufacturers’ bed ends, old and new
    • The transition box mounted on the foot section is key to interchangeability (Figure A)
    • The transition box allows you to change the rotation of the high/low shaft
    • Headboard is taller than footboard to better fit home decor (Figure B)
    • The wood grain panels are break and scratch resistant
    • Once installed, the high/low shaft will stay with the bed to eliminate loss or forgetting on future installations (Figure C)
    • Labels and color-coded springs assure accurate installation of side rails for patient safety (Figure D)
    • Unique motor is completely self-contained to reduce weight and noise
    • 9 ½" to 23 ½" deck height
    • Easy to set up
    • Top mounted Hi/Lo crank accessibility
    • Height-adjustable motor comes pre-installed on the foot section
    • Caster easily moves from standard to low bed position
    • The motor assembly can be installed and removed with patient in bed
    • Bed, side rails and mattress safety-tested by SGS, a nationally recognized testing facility Satisfies all applicable FDA entrapment guidelines
    • The motor is UL approved
    • In the event of a power failure, a 9 volt battery, located in the hand control, can lower the head and foot sections nine times
    • New and improved hand pendant has large, easy-to-use controls (Figure E)
    • Bed ships in two cartons
    • Hand crank located on the top of the footboard prevents bending for the caregiver when in the low position (Figure F)
    • Channel frame construction provides superior strength and reduced weight
    • Zinc-coated spring deck
    • Extension kit available (model #15030EXTKIT) extends length from 80" to 84"
    • Patent Pending
    • Weight Capacity 450 lbs
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