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  • PDAC Approved Codes

    • L1810
    • L1812

Trend Pro Fit Hinged Knee

  • The Trend Pro Fit Hinged Knee is a front closure wraparound orthosis that provides medial and lateral support for mild ligament instabilities. Lightweight removable aluminum hinges protect your knee, while our Trend TX2 Moisture Wicking Neoprene provides compression and comfort for post-injury support. Sized and universal options are available for a customized contoured fit.

    Key Features

    • Provides post-injury protection, compression, and support
    • Front closure wraparound
    • Trend TX2 Moisture Wicking Neoprene provides a custom contoured fit
    • Rubber tabs allow easy re-adjustment and application
    • Easy to use controlled range of motion hinges; hinges are removable


    • Mild to moderate ACL, PCL, MCL, and LCL sprains and strains
    • Meniscal or patellar instabilities
    • Mild knee sprains and strains

    Sizing Guide

    • DCT-1012U (Up to 28”) UNIVERSAL
    • DCT-1012-1 (Up- 15”) XS
    • DCT-1012-2 (15- 18”) S
    • DCT-1012-3 (18- 21”) M
    • DCT-1012-4 (21- 24”) L 
    • DCT-1012-5 (24- 27”) XL 
    • DCT-1012-6 (27- 30”) 2XL
    • DCT-1012-7 (30- 35”) 3XL
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