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Electric Patient Lift up to 500lbs

  • The high-performance Protekt® 500 Lift is the perfect blend of form 
    and function for safe and easy patient transfers. 
    This electric-powered, high quality patient transfer system 
    provides an efficient method to safely move patients, 
    preventing patient and caregiver injuries. 

    Designed with the facility in mind, the lift is capable of floor
     lifts and fits underneath most beds in the lowest position, 
    making it the perfect solution for transferring patients in small rooms with low beds.

    Features and Benefits:

    • 500 lb. weight capacity.
    • 6 point spreader bar allows for multiple sling options, safer patient handling and a wider range of transfers.
    • Capable of lifting from the floor.
    • Ergonomically designed foot pedal offers hands free opening of base which adjusts and locks easily for added security.
    • Manual emergency lowering provides safe response to power loss.
    • Dual rear locking casters.
    • 4" rear casters with brake & 3" dual front casters.
    • Clip free sling hookups improve safety and reduce downtime.
    • Modular design allows easy parts replacement.
    • Advanced electronics with auxiliary up/down lift controls.
    • Optional digital scale.
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