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The Resvent iBreeze Auto BPAP (BiPAP) S/T with Heated Humidification and Wi-Fi compatibility is a feature-rich PAP device that provides a user-friendly interface with advanced comfort technology.

Resvent iBreeze Auto BPAP

  • Resvent iBreeze Auto CPAP and Bilevel Systems with Heated Humidification, featurerich PAP devices that were granted EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) by the FDA in 2020.* Some of the features include IPR (Intelligence Pressure Release), an algorithm during inspiration and expiration offering patients a more comfortable breathing experience; an auto humidifier which adjusts the heat based on room temperature and humidity to prevent rainout in the hose or mask; and finally, a 2-in-1 humidifier design which monitors the water level and when low, will signal a visible alert and automatically switch off the heat to prevent damage to the device. The iBreeze Systems come complete with SD Card, Carry Bag, 6’ CPAP Tube, Tube Connector, Power Cord, and User Manual and are Wi-Fi equipped.

    • Large 3.5” LCD Display

      Easily adjust settings and view last session to encourage user compliance.


    • Quiet Operation
      Real time audible alert for tubing/mask leaks and automatic leakage/altitude compensation.


    • Intelligence Pressure Release
      Including 3 comfort settings and inspiration trigger for automatic startup.


    • Compliance Data
      Access compliance reporting via SD card or Wi-Fi.


    • Embedded Memory
      Stores previous night and 365 night user raw data.


    • iMatrix/ResAssist
      Register your patients to maintain records and generate sleep reports on iMatrix desktop software or ResAssist cloud platform.


    • H2O Therapy Pressure: 4-30 cm (BPAP)
    • Ramp Time: 0-60 minutes (5-minute increments
    • Dimensions: 9.25”w x 5.8”d x 4.9”h
    • Weight: 3.4 lbs
    • Water Capacity: 290 mL
    • Humidifier Settings: Auto / 0-8 (Default: 3)
    • Humidifier Output: ≥10 mg H2O/L
    • Warranty: Two Years Limited (device)
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